Pat Tailorpatch (vocalist, keyboards)

Tralain Roslyn (vocalist, guitar, keyboards) 

William Goldstein (film composer, keyboards)

Angela McCluskey (Grammy nominee, vocalist)

Paul Cantelon (keyboards, violin)

Antonio "Papa Bear" Martines (vocalist, guitar)

Baba Alade Olamina (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, trumpet, banjo, guitar, rhythm)

LaTina Webb (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, keyboards)

John Coz Acosta (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, rhythm, keyboards)

Abbye Atkinson (vocalist, guitar)

Jasper Bradley (keyboards, guitar)

Maria Lyons (vocalist)

Crystal Timberlake (vocalist)

Lili Haydn (Grammy Best New Age Album, vocalist, violin, multi instrumentalist)

Romany Malco (actor, vocalist, keyboards)

Curtis JnMarie (vocalist, keyboards)

Baxter McCrarry (DJ, keyboards)

Drake McGilbery (vocal coach, vocalist, keyboards)

Johnny C. (vocalist, keyboards)

Ready Red (DJ)

Issa Joone (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, keyboards)

Lolly Vegas (Native American Music Hall of Fame, vocalist, multi instrumentalist)

Pat Vegas (Native American Music Hall of Fame, vocalist, multi instrumentalist)

Joseph Morales-Domingez (vocalist, multi instrumentalist)

Petra Morales-Domingez (vocalist, multi instrumentalist)

Mike Sandoval (multi instrumentalist, rhythm) 

Robert Toledo (vocalist)

Ruben Yanez (rhythm, bird calls)

Dahnashay (Smithsonian virtuoso performance, vocalist, rhythm)  

Tahwinin (Smithsonian virtuoso performance, vocalist, rhythm)

Sheeshnas (vocalist, rhythm)

Cherron Walker (vocalist, guitar)

Michael David Bushman (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, keyboard, guitar, rhythm)

Joy Rose (vocalist, guitar)

David Prayer (rhythm, timbales, funky drums)

Chris Eco Camacho (standup bass, electric bass)

Satnam Ramgotra (tabla)

Wren Klein (studied with Ravi Shankar, sitar)

John McClean (bagpipes, flute)

Aaron Shaw (virtuoso performance at international bagpipe competition)

Todd Milne (multi instrumentalist, bamboo flute, shakuhachi, ukulele, rhythm, tar, bendir)

Jaspr Baj (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, keyboards)

Amadaes Baj (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, keyboards)

Brian S. (DJ)

Rocco Bidlovski (Brazilian rhythm)

David Jones (standup bass, guitar) 

Walt Schults (artist, vocalist, guitar repair)

Art Tailorpatch (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, guitar, rhythm, keyboards)

Minaki Mato (multi instrumentalist, rhythm, keyboards)

M. Artian (microtonal algorithmic composition, modular tone generators, theremini)

Bethany Tailorpatch (vocalist)

Ed Tailorpatch (vocalist, multi instrumentalist, rhythm, Celtic fiddle, keyboards)

Amy Mahardy (video, multi instrumentalist, keyboards, brass, woodwinds, guitar)

Mark Eckert (Guitar)

Rob Swanson (multi instrumentalist, keyboards, guitar)

Fidel Soto (Hawaiian slide guitar)

Daveen Di Giacomo (vocalist, keyboards)

William Weiler (owl calls, vocalist, keyboards)

Ann Stephenson (photographer, owl guardian)

Thadeus (electric bass)

Al Zychek (microtonal prepared piano)

Nature's natural virtuosos, Song Thrush, Wren, Starling, Finch, Lark Sparrow, Tanager, Cardinal, Canary, Owl and Nightingale. The frogs, toads, coyotes and crickets of the National Forests. The whispering wind through the leaves of the old growth trees. (The many blessings and inspiring songs of our totem spirit friends!)